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August 30 - September 2, 2024

World Class Rodeo. With a Small-Town Feel

Do not miss the biggest event of the year!

The action-packed rodeo is still considered one of the toughest Amateur Rodeos in
Canada and FCA-Sanctioned. Following closely in the footsteps of the infamous Calgary Stampede.

Dust off your Western spirit and join us at the Rodeo!


The Rodeo History

The first Rodeo was held at the Lions Rodeo Park in September 1967. Lion Bert Powlesland was President. Lion Ed Daeons roasted beef on a large BBQ with briquettes and served Beef-On-A-Bun to a large crowd in attendance. The 15-acre site of the 1st Rodeo, along 5th Avenue West in Cochrane, is still the location of the Cochrane Lions Rodeo today.

Rangeland Follies (named by a former Lion Ken Raby) has been held every year. There have been three special Rodeos: July 2, 1973 Rodeo of Champions, sponsored by Calgary Brewing and Malting Co. Ltd., and Aug 1986 Old Timers Rodeo and Parade and Silver Anniversary Rodeo and Parade Sept 1992.

Chuckwagon Races were held at Griffin Park along with horse racing with Pari-mutuel betting, Pony Chuckwagon races, and Pony Chariot Races, Junior Barrel Races, Open Barrel Races, Calf Roping, Stake Races, and Cochrane Beef Half-Mile Race. Pig Races, Catch the Rooster, and the Greased Pig Race, Media Pig Races where they had to lead the pig down the track, also for the kids, Mutton Bustin.

Cochrane Rodeo Contestants


Learn more about who can participate in the Rodeo Events and which events are eligible for local participation.


Rodeo Royalty

Each year a Rodeo Queen is chosen to act as an ambassador for the Cochrane Lions Club, the Rodeo and the community of Cochrane.


The Ranch Rodeo

Competitions based on actual ranching activities like cattle wrestling and sorting and penning, going back in time to see where today’s rodeo originated.

Rodeo 101 - Cochrane Alberta Rodeo

Rodeo 101

Let’s learn the ropes! Rodeo 101 is your ultimate guide to understanding and appreciating the thrilling world of rodeo events.

What to Expect!

Cochrane Lions Rodeo Highlights
Action From the 2023 Cochrane Lions Club Rodeo
Cochrane Lions Club Rodeo - Annual Event September Long Weekend
Wild, Wild Cow Riding at the Cochrane Lions Rodeo
Cochrane Rodeo 2022
Cochrane Lions Rodeo Events
Cochrane Lions Rodeo Events
Cochrane Lions Rodeo Events
Cochrane Lions Rodeo Events
Cochrane Lions Rodeo Events
Cochrane Lions Rodeo Events Contestants

Rodeo 101

Learn the Ropes!

Saddle up and get ready for an exhilarating journey into the heart of the rodeo world! Whether you’re a seasoned cowboy or a city slicker curious about the rugged allure of the Wild West, Rodeo 101 is your ultimate guide to understanding and appreciating the thrilling world of rodeo events.